tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Review on Sleek e/s-pallette Chaos (with FOTD)

Finally it was my turn to try out a Sleek palette. I've been wanting to try out some matte e/s's, but it's not easy to find some good ones. And you really can se the difference between matte and shimmery when it comes to the need of good quality. Shimmery e/s's are easy to blend and you can easily get the look you want, but the matte ones are much more work.

This palette comes in a plastic see-through packaging, and for me it looks quite cheap. Don't think I should complain though... It is kind of cheap this palette. (Even here in Norway. Well, it's expensive over here when you just look at the price to compare, but when we in Norway compare with other products...) The cover is black, matte plastic, with Sleek 'written' on the whole lid in piano-black. It looks nice, but I have to get ready for war trying to open it. In other words, it seems like the lid is stuck, but using tuff girl-power... -YOU CAN DO IT! lol...

There are 12 different matte shades inside, and the lid has a mirror all over inside. It's big enough for putting on e/s without being by your make-up-table, and perfect if you have to 'put your face on' on the bus or subway in the morning. The case also contains a dobble-ended applicator, but I really prefer to use a brush.

You see the lovely colour-palette?! I think it's sooo lovely. Don't think I dare using all the colours yet, but today I tried out the white and orange.

I put on my make-up at about ten this morning, and now, eleven houres later the shaddow's just where I put it this morning! It has absolutly fantastic staying-power. Normally I get those nice lines of thick clumpy e/s in the crease after 3-5 houres, so this is... WOW! But to be fair. I've used a e/s-primer underneath.

This is what I've used for todays look...

-No7 Protect&Perfect Daycream
-e.l.f. concealer pen&brush
-BareMinerals foundation (just a littlebit round my t-zone)
-e.l.f. eyelid primer
-Sleek palette Chaos, the white on the whole lid, and the orange in the outer corner and up in the crease.
-e.l.f. waterproof eyelinerpen
-e.l.f. blusher and bronzer (only the bronzer part)
-e.l.f. luscious lipstick (don't remember the colour)

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  1. That's a really lovely fresh day look! :) Xxx

  2. Beautiful!! Orange looks great on you!! :) We "need" swatches of the eyeshadows!! :)

  3. Coming up Stavi... ;) I'm not home for a couples of days, but maybe this week-end?! Today I have to pack my bags ;)


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