fredag 27. august 2010

LOTD August 27th

We're about to watch the last Twillight-movie, and I think todays look suits the vampires really well... What do you think???

I've used

-e.l.f. mineral lipstick in Royal Red

-MaxFactor xxx-pink nail polish
-e.l.f. nailpolish in Mod Mauve
-e.l.f. nailpolish in PunkPurple
-Depends nailpolish, topcoat

onsdag 14. juli 2010

FOTD July 14th

Todays Face Of The Day is a really simple summerlook. If you don't count the products to even out the skin tone (concealer, eyelid primer, foundation) I've only used three products...

-elf blush in gotta glow (both on my cheeks and the eyelids)
-elf cream eyeliner in black
-elf eyebrow kit in medium

It was Jelena that inspired me to try out this blusher as an eyeshaddow after seeing that in her blog yesterday...

Here you see the blush, eyeliner and the brushes used...

For applying and blending the blush on my cheeks I've used elf studio blush brush, for applying it on my eyelids I've used the elf regular line e/s brush, and the liner I've put on with the elf studio smudge brush.

Review on e.l.f. Studio Blush - GottaGlow

The other day, together with the Encyclopedia I also got this blusher form e.l.f. studio range. Well, it's not a blusher, more of a highlighter... I've read some reviews of this one already with both positive and negative comments.

It comes in a matte black packing with a little window so you can see the colour of the 'blush' from the outside. Very practical if you have more than one ;) On the inside there's a mirror on the rest of the lid. I think this mirror is too small for taking on blush, but its a perfect size for putting on eye-shaddow... There's no small blush-brush inside, but hey... -That gives more room for the actual product. It could be great with a compact blush-brush inside when your out, but I never use the brushes that comes with blushes anyway, so for me it's superfine like this... I use my e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush to put this on.

Here you can see how it looks on my skin. At the left you see how it looks when I've just puffed it on with a brush, and to the right you see how it looks after a couple of swirls with the brush...

When you see it inside the packaging it looks really white (well champagne actually) with glittery spots, but when you swirl it onyour skin you see the whiteness dissapear, and it transform to a healthy glow.

If your not fond of glittery products this might not be for you, but if you blend it out nicely you'll find that it's more of glimmer than glitter.

Intrested in buying it? You'll find it at for £ 3,50

tirsdag 13. juli 2010

Review on e.l.f. Beauty Encyclopedia - Basic eyes

Yesterday (as some of you know) I got my little brown box from e.l.f. And in that box I found this: The Beauty Encyclopedia - Basic eyes.

It's a black book-looking packing with picture of what you'll find on the inside on the outside. You open it like a book, and on the left page you'll get an how-to on how to use this eye-makeup-set to make a beautiful look. Really nice if you're new in the make-up-game. It's easy to follow, step-by-step. On the right page you'll find 12 eyeshaddows, 2 cream eyeshaddows, a black liner, and a doubble-ended shaddow applicator. On one side there's a sponge applicator, and in the other end there's a brush.

On the back it says:

*An all-in-one compact including the must have makeup essentials*
*Create any look that reflects your personal style*
*The small sleek design is great for on-the-go beauty touch-ups*

I must confess that for me, none of those sayings are true. At least not for me. It's not including the must-have makeup essentials since there's no mascara in it. It can't create any look I want to reflect my personal style since there's only two really matte e/s and two almost matte. The rest of them are shimmery. And small sleek design?! Sleek, yes, but for on-the-go touch-ups, for me it's not small.

I might sound a bit negative here, but I have to tell you. I'm absolutly not. I think this palette is fab, but for my basics it's a bit too much shimmer. But when I'm going out, I will def use this one.

Take a look at these beautiful colours. Don't you want them?!? Not only are they beautiful, but they're really pigmented to. And probably because of all the shimmer, they're really blendable.

The pictures are taken in daylight, the reason that one of the swatch-pics are darker than the others is that the cream-e/s-swatches are on the upperside of my hand wich are tanned, while the others are swatched on my underarm ;)

I've been wearing two of these e/s today, and even though my eyelids are really oily the shaddows still are just where I put them. I've been cheating a bit since I've been using an eyelid primer, but I think that just makes my lids like normal peoples lids ;) I really think the stayingpower is fab.

This Encyclopedia should be in everyones makeup-collection, and those who dont have a collection yet... -I would start with this. Why do I say I would start with this one when I earlier said it didn't qualify for my everyday-eyemakup-routine? Well, I like matte e/s for an everyday use, but I've learned that they're hard to get. Maybe because the rest of the world loves a bit shimmer? I think so...

If you want this, wich you should, go to

FOTD July 13th

Today I'm just staying at home, so my make up is quite neutral, but I had to try out the new stuff that arrived yesterday, GottaGlow-blush, BasicEyes-encyclopedia and SmokeyBrown-nailpolish...

For this look I've used:

-elf studio concealer pencil and brush in medium
-bare minerals foundation in medium
-elf studio blush in gotta glow

-elf studio eyebrowkit in medium

-elf eyelid primer
-elf basic eyes encyclopedia
-elf mascara (not the waterproof)

-elf Superglossy lipshine spf 15 in malt shake

Now to close-ups...

On my eyes I started with the eyelid primer, before putting on the black eyeliner that comes in the encyclopedia just on the upper lashline. Haven't tried this eyeliner pen from elf before. Its the regular-line liner pencil, and I've heard that it's quite hard, but I thought it got on smoothly. Next up, eye shaddow. I used the brush that comes in the encyclopedia, and think it was great. Actually it almost picked up too much e/s since they're very pigmented. First I used the first one from the left on the second row on the whole lid, and a little bit right under the lower lashline. This is a really beautiful shimmery champagne-colour. I just have to say - LOVE! :D In the crease I used that grayish purple, number three from left, also on the second row. Think this one looks fab together with the SmokeyBrown nailpolish. Finished off with a light coat of mascara...

On my lips, one of my favourites. So wearable for all situations, Malt Shake. And SO good for the summer with it's spf 15.

Like it?!

mandag 12. juli 2010


My little brown box from e.l.f. arrived today. I've been waiting for forever even though it only took one week from them to me... lol

e.l.f. just got a lot of new products, and I was lucky to pick three products from the new arrival for free to try out. Lucky or what?!? :D The products I chose were

-Studio Blush in GottaGlow
-Nailpolish in SmokeyBrown
-TheBeautyEncyclopedia in BasicEyes

I ripped the box open, and have already tried out some of it. I must say, one of the e/s from the encyclopedia will be fantastic together with the nailpolish! Want to se pics? Haven't got any yet, but swatces will come. Stay tuned ;)

onsdag 7. juli 2010

FOTD July 7th

Back to a more neutral FOTD (Yes, it's possible LOL) This isn't all face... I took pics of the nails too just to show more of my whole look today. Clothes (wich is grey) face are really neutral, so I've rocked up my look with a lovely nail polish...

Today I haven't used any e/s at all, therefor I made a tiny-little-bit thicker eyeliner-line on my upper lids. -Still quite natural LOL And as you can see on the close-up of my eyes... -No mascara.

For this look I've used:

-elf concealer pencil and brush in medium
-bare minerals foundation in medium beige
-elf studio blusher and bronzer, only the bronze part
-mineral booster

-elf studio eyebrow kit in medium

-maybelline eyelinerpen in black

-elf Superglossy lipshine spf 15 in malt shake

-elf nail polish in punk purple