søndag 21. mars 2010

Review on e.l.f. Cream Black Eyeliner

This must be the product I've been waiting the longest for. I really wanted to try this liner, and sooo-so many got it long before me. I was really jelous. LOL

The cream-liner comes in a little square plastic-jar with a black screwing-lid. And the linercream inside is really nice and creamy. With my StudioLine SmallSmudgeBrush it glides on so smooth and easy. So far, so good...

It promises to be smudgeproof and I've seen so many reviews saying it doesn't, but I can't say it doesn't smudge on me. I've tried to let it set for a couple og minutes, I've tried it with my Smashbox eyelid-primer, and I've tried to put some mineral foundation and/or mineral booster on top of it. On my lids it still smudges.

I really want to love it, so I keep on trying out different ways to set the liner, and will def. tell you if I find my answer.

Still, even though it doesn't set on my lids, I will recomend you to try it out. If it sets on your lids, it's really fantastic... But...

You can get it at e.l.f. for £3,50

Review on e.l.f. Under-eye Concealer and Highlighter

One of my new favorites are up for a review, e.l.f.'s Under-eye Concealer and Highlighter. I've got it in the shade glow/medium and it fits me really well, but you can also get it in glow/fair and glow/light.

The coverage of the conceal-part is light to medium, but it gives a very natural result. Meaning: On me you can still see the darker cirkles under my eye, but they're not THAT visible anymore. The highlight-part i didn't use at first, but now it's really one of my all-over-make-up-favourite. At first I used it under my brows to brighten and lighten my eye-area. -Now I found that it's fabulous also for highlighting other places of my face. Perfect when I'm going away, since I like travelling light...

If you want to try this one out , witch I recomend, you'll find it at e.l.f. for the price of £3,50 FANTASTIC!

søndag 7. mars 2010

Just before bedtime I wonder if...

I should hear what my boyfriend thinks, or what a friend (girl) thinks. Normally I would just say boyfriend off course, but this is about my make-up... My eyeliner to be more precise.

Lately I've began to make a little flick on the outer side of the eye with the eyeliner. My boyfriend doesn't see the point, and my friend think it's cool... Who should I listen to?!?

Review on e.l.f. Mineral Booster

It's a couple of weeks since I got my mineral booster from e.l.f. I've used it almost every day since, but it has taken some time to find out what to say about this product.

I have the little jar (£3,50) witch contain 5,1 grams of mineral powder. (You could also get a big jar of 17,8 grams for hmmm... think it's £5...) It's not possible to choose a colour since it's just one and it's really light this one, but it looks nice when you get it on. The powder doesn't cover up, so your own colour shines through. When it comes to smell, it's like all other minerals, nothing at all...

I still can't say anything on how I feel this works. I can't feel it on my skin, and I can't see it when I look myself in the mirror. BUT I can really see it when I don't use it. OMG - I look old!!! I didn't notice that many fine lines before I started use the mineral booster, but now, if I forget to put in on in the morning and sees myself in the mirror later in the day... Well I whished I didn't take a look...

Don't know if this is a good review. Now that I know how I look without the booster I can't live without it, but if you haven't tried it... Maybe you just don't want to know...?!? LOL If you want it, click here