fredag 27. august 2010

LOTD August 27th

We're about to watch the last Twillight-movie, and I think todays look suits the vampires really well... What do you think???

I've used

-e.l.f. mineral lipstick in Royal Red

-MaxFactor xxx-pink nail polish
-e.l.f. nailpolish in Mod Mauve
-e.l.f. nailpolish in PunkPurple
-Depends nailpolish, topcoat

onsdag 14. juli 2010

FOTD July 14th

Todays Face Of The Day is a really simple summerlook. If you don't count the products to even out the skin tone (concealer, eyelid primer, foundation) I've only used three products...

-elf blush in gotta glow (both on my cheeks and the eyelids)
-elf cream eyeliner in black
-elf eyebrow kit in medium

It was Jelena that inspired me to try out this blusher as an eyeshaddow after seeing that in her blog yesterday...

Here you see the blush, eyeliner and the brushes used...

For applying and blending the blush on my cheeks I've used elf studio blush brush, for applying it on my eyelids I've used the elf regular line e/s brush, and the liner I've put on with the elf studio smudge brush.

Review on e.l.f. Studio Blush - GottaGlow

The other day, together with the Encyclopedia I also got this blusher form e.l.f. studio range. Well, it's not a blusher, more of a highlighter... I've read some reviews of this one already with both positive and negative comments.

It comes in a matte black packing with a little window so you can see the colour of the 'blush' from the outside. Very practical if you have more than one ;) On the inside there's a mirror on the rest of the lid. I think this mirror is too small for taking on blush, but its a perfect size for putting on eye-shaddow... There's no small blush-brush inside, but hey... -That gives more room for the actual product. It could be great with a compact blush-brush inside when your out, but I never use the brushes that comes with blushes anyway, so for me it's superfine like this... I use my e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush to put this on.

Here you can see how it looks on my skin. At the left you see how it looks when I've just puffed it on with a brush, and to the right you see how it looks after a couple of swirls with the brush...

When you see it inside the packaging it looks really white (well champagne actually) with glittery spots, but when you swirl it onyour skin you see the whiteness dissapear, and it transform to a healthy glow.

If your not fond of glittery products this might not be for you, but if you blend it out nicely you'll find that it's more of glimmer than glitter.

Intrested in buying it? You'll find it at for £ 3,50

tirsdag 13. juli 2010

Review on e.l.f. Beauty Encyclopedia - Basic eyes

Yesterday (as some of you know) I got my little brown box from e.l.f. And in that box I found this: The Beauty Encyclopedia - Basic eyes.

It's a black book-looking packing with picture of what you'll find on the inside on the outside. You open it like a book, and on the left page you'll get an how-to on how to use this eye-makeup-set to make a beautiful look. Really nice if you're new in the make-up-game. It's easy to follow, step-by-step. On the right page you'll find 12 eyeshaddows, 2 cream eyeshaddows, a black liner, and a doubble-ended shaddow applicator. On one side there's a sponge applicator, and in the other end there's a brush.

On the back it says:

*An all-in-one compact including the must have makeup essentials*
*Create any look that reflects your personal style*
*The small sleek design is great for on-the-go beauty touch-ups*

I must confess that for me, none of those sayings are true. At least not for me. It's not including the must-have makeup essentials since there's no mascara in it. It can't create any look I want to reflect my personal style since there's only two really matte e/s and two almost matte. The rest of them are shimmery. And small sleek design?! Sleek, yes, but for on-the-go touch-ups, for me it's not small.

I might sound a bit negative here, but I have to tell you. I'm absolutly not. I think this palette is fab, but for my basics it's a bit too much shimmer. But when I'm going out, I will def use this one.

Take a look at these beautiful colours. Don't you want them?!? Not only are they beautiful, but they're really pigmented to. And probably because of all the shimmer, they're really blendable.

The pictures are taken in daylight, the reason that one of the swatch-pics are darker than the others is that the cream-e/s-swatches are on the upperside of my hand wich are tanned, while the others are swatched on my underarm ;)

I've been wearing two of these e/s today, and even though my eyelids are really oily the shaddows still are just where I put them. I've been cheating a bit since I've been using an eyelid primer, but I think that just makes my lids like normal peoples lids ;) I really think the stayingpower is fab.

This Encyclopedia should be in everyones makeup-collection, and those who dont have a collection yet... -I would start with this. Why do I say I would start with this one when I earlier said it didn't qualify for my everyday-eyemakup-routine? Well, I like matte e/s for an everyday use, but I've learned that they're hard to get. Maybe because the rest of the world loves a bit shimmer? I think so...

If you want this, wich you should, go to

FOTD July 13th

Today I'm just staying at home, so my make up is quite neutral, but I had to try out the new stuff that arrived yesterday, GottaGlow-blush, BasicEyes-encyclopedia and SmokeyBrown-nailpolish...

For this look I've used:

-elf studio concealer pencil and brush in medium
-bare minerals foundation in medium
-elf studio blush in gotta glow

-elf studio eyebrowkit in medium

-elf eyelid primer
-elf basic eyes encyclopedia
-elf mascara (not the waterproof)

-elf Superglossy lipshine spf 15 in malt shake

Now to close-ups...

On my eyes I started with the eyelid primer, before putting on the black eyeliner that comes in the encyclopedia just on the upper lashline. Haven't tried this eyeliner pen from elf before. Its the regular-line liner pencil, and I've heard that it's quite hard, but I thought it got on smoothly. Next up, eye shaddow. I used the brush that comes in the encyclopedia, and think it was great. Actually it almost picked up too much e/s since they're very pigmented. First I used the first one from the left on the second row on the whole lid, and a little bit right under the lower lashline. This is a really beautiful shimmery champagne-colour. I just have to say - LOVE! :D In the crease I used that grayish purple, number three from left, also on the second row. Think this one looks fab together with the SmokeyBrown nailpolish. Finished off with a light coat of mascara...

On my lips, one of my favourites. So wearable for all situations, Malt Shake. And SO good for the summer with it's spf 15.

Like it?!

mandag 12. juli 2010


My little brown box from e.l.f. arrived today. I've been waiting for forever even though it only took one week from them to me... lol

e.l.f. just got a lot of new products, and I was lucky to pick three products from the new arrival for free to try out. Lucky or what?!? :D The products I chose were

-Studio Blush in GottaGlow
-Nailpolish in SmokeyBrown
-TheBeautyEncyclopedia in BasicEyes

I ripped the box open, and have already tried out some of it. I must say, one of the e/s from the encyclopedia will be fantastic together with the nailpolish! Want to se pics? Haven't got any yet, but swatces will come. Stay tuned ;)

onsdag 7. juli 2010

FOTD July 7th

Back to a more neutral FOTD (Yes, it's possible LOL) This isn't all face... I took pics of the nails too just to show more of my whole look today. Clothes (wich is grey) face are really neutral, so I've rocked up my look with a lovely nail polish...

Today I haven't used any e/s at all, therefor I made a tiny-little-bit thicker eyeliner-line on my upper lids. -Still quite natural LOL And as you can see on the close-up of my eyes... -No mascara.

For this look I've used:

-elf concealer pencil and brush in medium
-bare minerals foundation in medium beige
-elf studio blusher and bronzer, only the bronze part
-mineral booster

-elf studio eyebrow kit in medium

-maybelline eyelinerpen in black

-elf Superglossy lipshine spf 15 in malt shake

-elf nail polish in punk purple

tirsdag 6. juli 2010

FOTD July 6th

For todays FOTD I've used my Sleek palette again. This time I've tried the seagreen in the crease together with the white one as a base on the whole lid. It's a really neutral look even though it's a 'scary' colour. I think it matches my eyes well. What do you think?

For this look I've used:

-elf mineralinfused face primer
-bare minerals foundation in medium beige
-elf blusher and bronzer compact, only the bronzer part
-elf mineral booster

-elf eyelid primer
-Sleek palette Chaos, seagreen and white
-elf eyelinerpen
-elf ehhm... the dubbleended mascara, don't remember wich one...

-elf eyebrow kit in medium, only the powder part

Even though I like this look, my bf doesn't like colours like this... I guess most of my FOTD's will be neutral... lol

Have you tried?

Anyone tried the Lime Crime Magic Dust?!? And the Models Own powder e/s? Wich do you prefer??? I think this one from LimeCrime looks soo lovely. And I'm really curious 'bout that black e/s from Models Own with green glitter in it.

søndag 4. juli 2010

FOTD July 4th

My FOTD is as natural you can get it with this much make-up on. I love the natural look, and as you can see, this is very natural...

The one thing that I wish I could do better with this make-up is to be bolder while putting on my bronzer as contour. Do you have a tip for me?!?

I did'nt have any good close-ups, but I really wanted to show you this as a shout for help on the contouring part. LOL And those bags under the eyes... They just look that way every time I smile, and dissapear when I'm angry :p

On this look I've used:

-elf mineral infused faceprimer
-bare minerals foundation in medium beige
-elf concealer pencil and brush in medium
-elf studio blusher and bronzer, only the bronzerpart
-elf mineral booster

-elf eyelid primer from the regular line
-elf studio e/s in butternut on the whole lid
-elf waterproof eyelinerpen from the regular line, just a super thin line at the upper lash-line

-elf studio eyebrow kit. Just a touch of the powder part

-lip balm

Swatches of the Sleek palette Chaos

I promised to show you swatches from my new Sleek palette, and here it is. I've evened out the arm with some e.l.f. eyelid primer before swatching...

At the top from left to right: pink, yellow, beige, orange, brown and black. Bottom line from left: white, burgundy, seagreen, army-green, blue and turqoise.

As you see the colours are really well pigmented except the white and the yellow. The black one I couldn't get of my finger I used to transfer the colour from the palette to the arm by washing with water only. Oh yes, I needed lots of soap. LOL. Now I've used the palette several whole days and I have to say: I'm IMPRESSED!!!

tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Review on Sleek e/s-pallette Chaos (with FOTD)

Finally it was my turn to try out a Sleek palette. I've been wanting to try out some matte e/s's, but it's not easy to find some good ones. And you really can se the difference between matte and shimmery when it comes to the need of good quality. Shimmery e/s's are easy to blend and you can easily get the look you want, but the matte ones are much more work.

This palette comes in a plastic see-through packaging, and for me it looks quite cheap. Don't think I should complain though... It is kind of cheap this palette. (Even here in Norway. Well, it's expensive over here when you just look at the price to compare, but when we in Norway compare with other products...) The cover is black, matte plastic, with Sleek 'written' on the whole lid in piano-black. It looks nice, but I have to get ready for war trying to open it. In other words, it seems like the lid is stuck, but using tuff girl-power... -YOU CAN DO IT! lol...

There are 12 different matte shades inside, and the lid has a mirror all over inside. It's big enough for putting on e/s without being by your make-up-table, and perfect if you have to 'put your face on' on the bus or subway in the morning. The case also contains a dobble-ended applicator, but I really prefer to use a brush.

You see the lovely colour-palette?! I think it's sooo lovely. Don't think I dare using all the colours yet, but today I tried out the white and orange.

I put on my make-up at about ten this morning, and now, eleven houres later the shaddow's just where I put it this morning! It has absolutly fantastic staying-power. Normally I get those nice lines of thick clumpy e/s in the crease after 3-5 houres, so this is... WOW! But to be fair. I've used a e/s-primer underneath.

This is what I've used for todays look...

-No7 Protect&Perfect Daycream
-e.l.f. concealer pen&brush
-BareMinerals foundation (just a littlebit round my t-zone)
-e.l.f. eyelid primer
-Sleek palette Chaos, the white on the whole lid, and the orange in the outer corner and up in the crease.
-e.l.f. waterproof eyelinerpen
-e.l.f. blusher and bronzer (only the bronzer part)
-e.l.f. luscious lipstick (don't remember the colour)

onsdag 2. juni 2010

Review on e.l.f. Concealer Pencil & Brush

Yesterday a little brown box was waiting for me when I got home from my excam. Inside I found something I think will be one of my new summerfavourite, the e.l.f. studio Concealer Pencil & Brush in medium. I afraid that the colour if a bit dark for me, but the summer is right around the corner, and I think it will be perfect.

It comes in a black paper box, and on the back you can read: Medicated formula with active Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil heals and clears blemishes. Provides natural looking coverage under or over makeup so blemishes disappear. The actual pencil is matte black as the rest of the Studio-range. In one end you'll find the pencilpart with a clear cap including a pencilsharpener and on the other end a blending brush.

The pencil is quite thick, and easy to hold. When applying I hold the pencil almost like if my hand was behind the pencil. Don't know exactly how to describe... But it made it easy to point the pencil right at the spot, and then I just twisted the pencil. At this point it gives too much of a cover. LOL. Well, you really can see the difference between where you have put on this concealer or not. Now is the time to use the blending brush on the other end of the pencil. And I have to say, It's a really nice thick brush. It's not too soft, but its not too stiff either. Use this in circular motions to blend out the edges form the concealer, and you'll get a soft, naturalcover-up. Me like!

Will I buy it again?! Definatly! Well, there's one thing... Next time I'll get it in one colourtone lighter. Want to try it out?! You'll get it at for only £3,50 in the shades fair, light and medium. -It's a bargain!

fredag 28. mai 2010

Simple and natural summer makeup...

I think I've found my summer-faves. In the summertime I want to be outside and enjoy the sun, and the fact that it's possible to wear as little clothes as we do inside the house, also outdoors... So, to use as little time as possible inside I have to find as few and good products as I can to make a nice natural summerlook, and here they are:

On the pic you'll see No7 cleansing foam, No7 Protect and Perfect with SPF 15, elf lipgloss with SPF 15, elf correcting concealer, elf mineral booster, elf flattopped powder brush, elf shimmerpalette and elf eyebrowkit. Oh... And there's one more thing (forgot to set it up for the pic), -a nude or pastel nail polish...

This combination gives me a light coverage and an even skintone, I can highlight browbone and cheekbone, and best of all, I have a nice protection against the sun. I don't recomend this for licking the sun, but it's perfect for staying outdoors more than you do in the cold, dark winter... ;)

There's only one thing I miss... I want a natural, light, matte, good quality, cheap eyeshaddow. Do you have one that you recomend?!? Tell me!

Different ways of getting the brows ready for a new day...

Lately I've noticed that there are many ways to use the same product. I use my eyebrow kit from e.l.f. and many others with me. Are you?!? If you are... HOW ARE YOU USING IT?!? I'm so curious.

I variate my routine form day to day. One day I use only the powder, the next day only the gel, and maybe the third day I use both of them. First the powder, and then the gel. But I've seen others using the gel first, and then using the powder to set the gel. What's your way of doing it?!?

fredag 14. mai 2010

Competition on the Scandinavian elf-blog...

You can win lip-products of the season... Go to the blog and add a comment on what your favourite e.l.f.product will be this summer... CLICK HERE! My favourite is the Mineral Booster.

torsdag 29. april 2010

Review on Yves Rochers BioCalmille 2i1-cleanser and face gel

I'm looking for a face-cleanser and a moisturiser, and hoping to find one that doest cost a million... I have never had a problem with sensitive skin or a lot of acne, so I dont think I'm too hard to please... My biggest problem is that I've always had the oppertunety to buy whatever product I've wanted, now on the other hand I have to think about the cost aswell...

The last weeks I've tried out a 2 in 1 cleanser and a face gel from Yves Rocher, called BioCalmille. It says to be sensitive and contains biologic camomille.

To clean my face I use a cotton-pad with a grape-amount of this gel-cleanser. It looks like gel when you get it out of the bottle, but it feels like it's melting on your skin to a kind of tonic. The colour is light, fresh and green, and it has a fresh smell.

This gel-cream is light-light green, and has a fresh smell. It glides easily on your skin, and you don't need a big amount.

When I say that both the cleanser and the moisturiser has a fresh smell, I actually don't say that in a positive tone. Well, if it had a more subtile smell it would be nice and fresh, but personally I think they both have too much of a smell. It's ok for a bodylotion, but when you've got it all around the nose it gets too much. And this is not my biggest problem with this combination. I've got a dry and itchy spot right below my lips on my left side. I've never had anything like this before, but it looks like a baby-rash or something. Don't like it!

But I have to be fair. Even though this combination doesn't fit me, I've had a lot of other products wich I love from Yves Rocher...

Review on e.l.f. Mineralinfused Face Primer

I've been asked to make a review on the mineralinfused face primer from e.l.f. wich I got in my brown box in the first blogpost in here.

It's a nice, delicat bottle wich contain hmmm... It's between 10 and 15 ml. It sounds like it's a small amount, but it lasts quite long. The bottle has a pump to get the primer out, and one pump is actually more than enough. I never push all the way down...

The primer itself is a jelly-like cream without colour or smell. It seems a bit oily when you put it on, but the oily parts (if you've got them) actually gets mattyfied. And do you have some dry spots? It softens them... -Sounds like a miracle, but still it's true.

Why should you use a primer?! The primer gives you a nice flawless face so your make-up glides on easier, and stays on longer. And I find that I need less foundation as it glides easier where I want it.

The downside of using this... You don't know what to do without it... ;)

I think it's expensive to be an e.l.f.-product, but it's well worth the money. You'll get it at for about £6 Other brands cost a lot more...

tirsdag 27. april 2010

Review on e.l.f. Mineral lipstick in Nicely Nude

I've got a new favourite. I LOVE it!

When you look at the cover of this goodie you see a matte, black surface with the inscription eyeslipsface. On the top you see e.l.f. written in a circle. It's actually quite av luxerious look...

When you take off the lid you'll have to (believe it or not) screw the topp to get the lipstick up. If you'll try to smell it you'll find nothing. And when you put it on you'll get that creamy, soft feeling. It doesn't clump or dry out and crack up. It's quite pigmented, but it has a really nice and neutral, light pink colour. It's wearable for everyday use for a natural look, and if you want a more glamourous feeling you can add a little dash of gloss.

Want it?!? You'll get it for £3,50 if you go to e.l.f.s webshop HEREMidtstill

fredag 16. april 2010

Review on e.l.f. Nail Polish in Nude

At last I've got my e.l.f.-delivery in my mail-box. I had to eait for it longer than usual because of the easter-holiday. But it was really worth it. Among the things inside my brown little box was this nail polish in the colour 'Nude' And I have to say it's wonderful. Don't you think?!?

It's not good coverage, this colour is more natural and soft. More for that everyday-day-look. And I love it! I have to apologize for this bad picture, but my camera's gone (Bu-huu) But hopefully you get the idea. This is my nails with three coats of 'Nude'. And get ready to catch your falling jaw... I put this on last friday, so this friday is the eight day I'm wearing this, and it hasn't started flaking off...!

Do you want one as well? You'll get it for £1,50 at And I have to say: -WHAT A BARGAIN!

søndag 21. mars 2010

Review on e.l.f. Cream Black Eyeliner

This must be the product I've been waiting the longest for. I really wanted to try this liner, and sooo-so many got it long before me. I was really jelous. LOL

The cream-liner comes in a little square plastic-jar with a black screwing-lid. And the linercream inside is really nice and creamy. With my StudioLine SmallSmudgeBrush it glides on so smooth and easy. So far, so good...

It promises to be smudgeproof and I've seen so many reviews saying it doesn't, but I can't say it doesn't smudge on me. I've tried to let it set for a couple og minutes, I've tried it with my Smashbox eyelid-primer, and I've tried to put some mineral foundation and/or mineral booster on top of it. On my lids it still smudges.

I really want to love it, so I keep on trying out different ways to set the liner, and will def. tell you if I find my answer.

Still, even though it doesn't set on my lids, I will recomend you to try it out. If it sets on your lids, it's really fantastic... But...

You can get it at e.l.f. for £3,50

Review on e.l.f. Under-eye Concealer and Highlighter

One of my new favorites are up for a review, e.l.f.'s Under-eye Concealer and Highlighter. I've got it in the shade glow/medium and it fits me really well, but you can also get it in glow/fair and glow/light.

The coverage of the conceal-part is light to medium, but it gives a very natural result. Meaning: On me you can still see the darker cirkles under my eye, but they're not THAT visible anymore. The highlight-part i didn't use at first, but now it's really one of my all-over-make-up-favourite. At first I used it under my brows to brighten and lighten my eye-area. -Now I found that it's fabulous also for highlighting other places of my face. Perfect when I'm going away, since I like travelling light...

If you want to try this one out , witch I recomend, you'll find it at e.l.f. for the price of £3,50 FANTASTIC!

søndag 7. mars 2010

Just before bedtime I wonder if...

I should hear what my boyfriend thinks, or what a friend (girl) thinks. Normally I would just say boyfriend off course, but this is about my make-up... My eyeliner to be more precise.

Lately I've began to make a little flick on the outer side of the eye with the eyeliner. My boyfriend doesn't see the point, and my friend think it's cool... Who should I listen to?!?

Review on e.l.f. Mineral Booster

It's a couple of weeks since I got my mineral booster from e.l.f. I've used it almost every day since, but it has taken some time to find out what to say about this product.

I have the little jar (£3,50) witch contain 5,1 grams of mineral powder. (You could also get a big jar of 17,8 grams for hmmm... think it's £5...) It's not possible to choose a colour since it's just one and it's really light this one, but it looks nice when you get it on. The powder doesn't cover up, so your own colour shines through. When it comes to smell, it's like all other minerals, nothing at all...

I still can't say anything on how I feel this works. I can't feel it on my skin, and I can't see it when I look myself in the mirror. BUT I can really see it when I don't use it. OMG - I look old!!! I didn't notice that many fine lines before I started use the mineral booster, but now, if I forget to put in on in the morning and sees myself in the mirror later in the day... Well I whished I didn't take a look...

Don't know if this is a good review. Now that I know how I look without the booster I can't live without it, but if you haven't tried it... Maybe you just don't want to know...?!? LOL If you want it, click here

torsdag 25. februar 2010


As a student and a mum of three I don't have loads of cash to spend on my make-up. That doesn't mean that I don't want my make-up to be good... Yesterday I tried to compare three of the liners I've got: LiquidLiner from L'oreal, EyelinerPen from Maybelline and WaterproofEyelinerPen from e.l.f.

Here's how they look when applied. As the first picture you see l'Oreal at the bottom, then Maybelline and e.l.f. on top.

The l'Oreal-one is the fullest and blackest, almost like wallpaint. This liner has a very soft felt tip you dip in the liquid-liner. I think it's a bit difficult to get it right without practice, but easier than the thin brushes you get with most liquid-liners.

The pen from Maybelline is like a pen with a rather hard felttip. It's easy for beginners because the hard tip is so presice. But I think it also can feel too hard on the sensitive skin on your lid?! It has a good colour, and you get a really thin line.

The e.l.f.-one is the one that gives you the softest(maybe a bit too soft?!) and most natural line. Some like it, and some don't. Think this is a good pen if your new to lining your eyes. It's presice, but not as much as the Mabelline one. The line also gets a bit thikker.

This is how they all look after being on my arm the whole day. I think the two on top (still Maybelline in the middle and e.l.f. on top) holds the colour best. The two lines looks the same as right after they were applied, maybe a bit softerlooking?! The l'Oreal-liner begins to crack after five or six days. I don't think that's a good enough...

When it comes to wich one I like the most... It depends. LOL. I think that I might have to say the Maybelline-one comes on first place between these three, but e.l.f. is just on the heels of this. And for my future eyeliner-shopping I have to say I'd buy the e.l.f.-one. This is because, even though it's just nr two in use, it's eight times cheaper than the two others. -And that's a bargain!

But I'm looking foreward to e.l.f. new cream-liner coming to the online-shop soon...

onsdag 24. februar 2010

Review on e.l.f. EyebrowKit...

This is me. My everyday makeup with 'only' my mineral concealer, foundation, my black eyeliner pen and lip balm... Today I've tried the e.l.f. EyebrowKit in the shade Medium. When I got it I was afraid it was too light, but as you will see, I'm glad I chose medium.

This is how it looks from the outside. A delicat matt black box. Don't you want it?!?

Inside you can see the whole lid is covered with a mirror. Very nice to have if your on the run... You can also see the dark brown gel, and the light brown powder. There's also a little two-sided brush.

Neighter the gel or the powder has any smell, something I like. There's too much make-up that smells like a candy-shop, but this one's good. The gel seems nice and not sticky in any way, but the powder is to loose for my taste. I wished it would be more pressed. When it comes to the two-sided brush... I think the angeled flat brush is good, but for everyday use the handle is too short. But again a good brush if your on the run. The other side of the brush, I didn't like. Think it's to big even for my brows.

From the left side you can here see the brown gel alone, then the powder alone, and to the right the gel and the powder together.

This was thefirst brow I tried on the powder. And here you can see why I thought it was too loose powder. It was a bit difficult to get the right amout from the powder. The brow got to dark and dramatic for my taste...

Now to eyebrow number two, -and I like... Just the right amount to fill out the brow in a soft natural way...

This is how I looked when I was ready to go out for a couples of coffees with two other mums and their kids... Perfect make-up for a mid-day coffee'date', and now at the end of the day I still feel like the brows are natural, but with a nice colourfilling.

tirsdag 23. februar 2010

Tryin' out my Wearable Greens-trio...

This is my everyday mak-up-kit. Foundation from i.d. in the medium shade, concealer in summer bisqe, and bare radiance as a glowin' touch on my cheaks. But today I wanted to try out my WearableGreens-set...

Here are the three colours of green. -Light, medium and dark.

I've used the light green on the outer side of the lid, the medium on the inner side of the lid and under the eye. The dark one I used on the outer side along the globe-line.

I finished up with a thin line with my e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner along the lashes over and under the eye, and a small amount of black mascara.

When I see the picture of the eye alone it seems quite natural, but it was strange looking in the mirror and see 'all that' make up on a normal day... LOL

LOL It's a big difference on the eye with daylight, and the eye without...

Review on e.l.f. PlumpingLipGlaze

e.l.f. PlumpingLipGlaze is one of the products I use several times a week. This one is in the colour MochaIce...

I think the it's quite easy to se the colour through the plastic, but I've put i on my hand to se the colour better anyway...

Unfortunatly this pic is without the daylight so the colour isn't quite right, but I thought it wasn't that important since this just is how to show you my lips without plumping...

Here you can see the plumper on my lips, and this one was taken in good daylight around noon. I told someone earlier today that I didn't see much plumpingeffect on my lips, but when I see these pics together I think it's quite a difference...

Anyway... Even if I don't think it has too much of a plumpin' effect I really love this as a lip-gloss and I'll probably continue using it each other day or so... And just so it's said. It has a lovely minty smell... A lipgloss and breathfreshener all in one... LOL.

If you want to try it yourselves, you'll find it at for £1,50

If you like my review, or if you have some tips to make it better? Please comment so I can change on my next review...

New package in the mailbox today.../ Ny pakke i posten idag...

As det headline sais, there was a package in the mailbox today. For MEEE...!!! *happydans* A gray box full of goodies from e.l.f. Cosmetics. -Tought I'd have to wait for another week.

-one Lip Liner & Blending Brush
-one EyebrowKit Medium
-one MineralInfusedFacePrimer
all from the StudioLine

-one Plumping Lip Glaze
from the RegularLine

-one jar of MineralBooster
from the MineralLine

And if thats not enough... A small plastic-purse containing 3 lipglosses, FOR FREE!!! Looking foreward to try them out!

Det lå en herlig pakke i posten idag *lykkedans* Bare til meg. En grå pakke med de tre bokstavene e.l.f. utenpå. Trodde jeg måtte vente en uke til, minst, men idag kom den altså...

LipLiner&BlendingBrush, EyebrowKit og MineralInfusedFacePrimer fra Studio-kolleksjonen, PlumpingLipGlace fra den vanlige serien, og en krukke MineralBooster fra Mineralserien. I tillegg lå det en liten plastikveske fylt med tre herlige lip-glosser jeg fikk helt GRATIS!!! Gleder meg til å prøve.