søndag 21. mars 2010

Review on e.l.f. Under-eye Concealer and Highlighter

One of my new favorites are up for a review, e.l.f.'s Under-eye Concealer and Highlighter. I've got it in the shade glow/medium and it fits me really well, but you can also get it in glow/fair and glow/light.

The coverage of the conceal-part is light to medium, but it gives a very natural result. Meaning: On me you can still see the darker cirkles under my eye, but they're not THAT visible anymore. The highlight-part i didn't use at first, but now it's really one of my all-over-make-up-favourite. At first I used it under my brows to brighten and lighten my eye-area. -Now I found that it's fabulous also for highlighting other places of my face. Perfect when I'm going away, since I like travelling light...

If you want to try this one out , witch I recomend, you'll find it at e.l.f. for the price of £3,50 FANTASTIC!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I like this concealer as well ! :) I haven't used the highlighter yet! does it crease? I have oily skin and I'm afraid to try it! :(

  2. It actually doesn't Stavroula. I think it's great! And you know my problems with the cream-liner... ;)

  3. I think I'll try it out then! :) I'm so sorry the cream eyeliner doesn't work for you! :(


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