fredag 28. mai 2010

Different ways of getting the brows ready for a new day...

Lately I've noticed that there are many ways to use the same product. I use my eyebrow kit from e.l.f. and many others with me. Are you?!? If you are... HOW ARE YOU USING IT?!? I'm so curious.

I variate my routine form day to day. One day I use only the powder, the next day only the gel, and maybe the third day I use both of them. First the powder, and then the gel. But I've seen others using the gel first, and then using the powder to set the gel. What's your way of doing it?!?

2 kommentarer:

  1. I have it in dark and so far I've only used the wax/gel part! I think I should try both the wax/gel and the powder part! :)

  2. I think it's difficult to be easy enough with how much I put on if I use both, but it's getting better every time... ;)


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