fredag 14. mai 2010

Competition on the Scandinavian elf-blog...

You can win lip-products of the season... Go to the blog and add a comment on what your favourite e.l.f.product will be this summer... CLICK HERE! My favourite is the Mineral Booster.

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  1. No problems with the Bare Minerals for *me*, other than initially figuring out the proper shade of foundation. I get good coverage with it. I wish it weren’t slightly shiny, I have to say. But I manage fine. They’ve since come out with a matte foundation, as I’ve heard.Maybe the absence of problems is due to the climate/environment here in Minnesota (we *don’t* get snow all year-round, lol). If bismuth is bad for people, it doesn’t seem to affect *me*. And I use it every day. Luck? Genes? My skincare routine and/or product application? I have no clue. It does concern me, bad ingredients and all. But especially right now, I can’t afford to buy anything new to replace it. Someday, I may very well buy more Milani (used up my old supply of it), maybe try Purely Cosmetics, etc. I really like how matte the Milani is, with great coverage as well. Btw, Milani is so faboo. :-) Their Runway Blackout shadow is one I mainly use as eyeliner, by simply slightly dampening the sponge applicator (I buy the ponty ones from Sally’s, since those weird little curved thingies that Milani gives you, are just too tiny and cumbersome, for *me*, anyway.).

  2. Har du sett att e.l.f håller bloggfest i Oslo 4 juni på restaurant 'Ved Brua'?

  3. Hei Caroline.
    Jeg har sett at det skal være en bloggfest, men har ikke fått med meg at det er elf som holder den... Takk. Kanskje jeg må lese litt nøyere...


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