torsdag 29. april 2010

Review on Yves Rochers BioCalmille 2i1-cleanser and face gel

I'm looking for a face-cleanser and a moisturiser, and hoping to find one that doest cost a million... I have never had a problem with sensitive skin or a lot of acne, so I dont think I'm too hard to please... My biggest problem is that I've always had the oppertunety to buy whatever product I've wanted, now on the other hand I have to think about the cost aswell...

The last weeks I've tried out a 2 in 1 cleanser and a face gel from Yves Rocher, called BioCalmille. It says to be sensitive and contains biologic camomille.

To clean my face I use a cotton-pad with a grape-amount of this gel-cleanser. It looks like gel when you get it out of the bottle, but it feels like it's melting on your skin to a kind of tonic. The colour is light, fresh and green, and it has a fresh smell.

This gel-cream is light-light green, and has a fresh smell. It glides easily on your skin, and you don't need a big amount.

When I say that both the cleanser and the moisturiser has a fresh smell, I actually don't say that in a positive tone. Well, if it had a more subtile smell it would be nice and fresh, but personally I think they both have too much of a smell. It's ok for a bodylotion, but when you've got it all around the nose it gets too much. And this is not my biggest problem with this combination. I've got a dry and itchy spot right below my lips on my left side. I've never had anything like this before, but it looks like a baby-rash or something. Don't like it!

But I have to be fair. Even though this combination doesn't fit me, I've had a lot of other products wich I love from Yves Rocher...

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