tirsdag 23. februar 2010

Tryin' out my Wearable Greens-trio...

This is my everyday mak-up-kit. Foundation from i.d. in the medium shade, concealer in summer bisqe, and bare radiance as a glowin' touch on my cheaks. But today I wanted to try out my WearableGreens-set...

Here are the three colours of green. -Light, medium and dark.

I've used the light green on the outer side of the lid, the medium on the inner side of the lid and under the eye. The dark one I used on the outer side along the globe-line.

I finished up with a thin line with my e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner along the lashes over and under the eye, and a small amount of black mascara.

When I see the picture of the eye alone it seems quite natural, but it was strange looking in the mirror and see 'all that' make up on a normal day... LOL

LOL It's a big difference on the eye with daylight, and the eye without...

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  1. Wow you're beautiful! :) and you have gorgeous eyes!! you look a bit surprised/confused in the pic indeed LOL!

  2. Thanks sweety... LOL I know... I'm consentrated, can't you see?! LOL


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