mandag 12. juli 2010


My little brown box from e.l.f. arrived today. I've been waiting for forever even though it only took one week from them to me... lol

e.l.f. just got a lot of new products, and I was lucky to pick three products from the new arrival for free to try out. Lucky or what?!? :D The products I chose were

-Studio Blush in GottaGlow
-Nailpolish in SmokeyBrown
-TheBeautyEncyclopedia in BasicEyes

I ripped the box open, and have already tried out some of it. I must say, one of the e/s from the encyclopedia will be fantastic together with the nailpolish! Want to se pics? Haven't got any yet, but swatces will come. Stay tuned ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Cool! :-) And i'm jealous of your free items! :-)

  2. Totally understand you... ;) I would be to...


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