onsdag 7. juli 2010

FOTD July 7th

Back to a more neutral FOTD (Yes, it's possible LOL) This isn't all face... I took pics of the nails too just to show more of my whole look today. Clothes (wich is grey) face are really neutral, so I've rocked up my look with a lovely nail polish...

Today I haven't used any e/s at all, therefor I made a tiny-little-bit thicker eyeliner-line on my upper lids. -Still quite natural LOL And as you can see on the close-up of my eyes... -No mascara.

For this look I've used:

-elf concealer pencil and brush in medium
-bare minerals foundation in medium beige
-elf studio blusher and bronzer, only the bronze part
-mineral booster

-elf studio eyebrow kit in medium

-maybelline eyelinerpen in black

-elf Superglossy lipshine spf 15 in malt shake

-elf nail polish in punk purple

3 kommentarer:

  1. Woohoooooooo I'm so glad I ordered punk purple, it looks great!! :) Btw no mascara? :O why? lol

  2. LOL Stavi...

    No Stavi, no mascara. I believe it's good for the lashes to rest every now and then... Actually 5 of the weeks 7 days... LOL No, I'm trying not to use it if I feel the eyeliner makes me look awake on an everyday basis. But you know, it's NOT every day LOL

  3. And YES! The Punk Purple is GREAT!!! I love it.


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