tirsdag 6. juli 2010

FOTD July 6th

For todays FOTD I've used my Sleek palette again. This time I've tried the seagreen in the crease together with the white one as a base on the whole lid. It's a really neutral look even though it's a 'scary' colour. I think it matches my eyes well. What do you think?

For this look I've used:

-elf mineralinfused face primer
-bare minerals foundation in medium beige
-elf blusher and bronzer compact, only the bronzer part
-elf mineral booster

-elf eyelid primer
-Sleek palette Chaos, seagreen and white
-elf eyelinerpen
-elf ehhm... the dubbleended mascara, don't remember wich one...

-elf eyebrow kit in medium, only the powder part

Even though I like this look, my bf doesn't like colours like this... I guess most of my FOTD's will be neutral... lol

5 kommentarer:

  1. i really like this look... and sleek palettes!!

  2. I like it!! :) btw the seagreen doesn't look bright at all on your eyelids, on your hand it looked very bright! What happened? lol! Btw can you post a pic of yourself smiling??? :) Come on Vic! ;)

  3. LOL Stavi...

    You know, I have toned it really well out ;) I'm not the dramatic type, you know ;) And for the record... I'm smiling on the FOTD on the 4 th of july. And see those bags under my eyes :(

  4. Vic you have the most beautiful eyes! I love the colour, the green looks great on you :)


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